We are a young and energetic group of people, looking to close the trust deficit that exists in India today. We understand the value of being able to trust someone, and are determined to make this process as easy and simple as possible!
Ashok Hariharan – Founder & Chief Executive Officer
11 years of experience in the technology space. Ashok successfully started his first technology start-up (Gaboli), where he still holds a board position. Prior to Gaboli, Ashok worked at British Telecom in the strategy team looking at operation, financial, as well as product development strategies. He has also consulted with many start-ups and large companies on operations and marketing strategies. In his free time, Ashok likes to travel and scuba dive. His new found passion is photography and he would like to become better at it.
Vineet Jawa – Founder & Non-executive Director
Vineet has been pivotal in conceptualising the product platform which is at the IDfy’s core. He is currently the CEO of Gaboli, which he co-founded along with Ashok. He brings in over 9 years of experience in account management and consulting along with a keen focus on web technologies and digital marketing. Prior to founding Gaboli, Vineet was working in the President’s office at Tech Mahindra. In his free time, Vineet likes riding horses, writes his blog, and pulls practical jokes on his co-workers.
Kaushik Shah – Chief Technology Officer
Kaushik loves wandering in the technology jungle to discover new ways to make life easier. He is a perfectionist at heart, and strives to find the most elegant solution to any given problem. Prior to BaldorTech, Kaushik founded a start-up in the education and health care space. Before he chose Ruby as his weapon of choice, Kaushik also worked as a Solution Designer and a Business Analyst in the Telecom domain.